Parole Officer’s Bitch

paroleofficersbitchweb“Come here, you gangster punk. Over my knees. Pants down.”

Parolee Martos keeps screwing up.  His domineering PO will let him slide—but the price gets severe with his second violation.

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A scrawny Princeton freshman gets sent to prison where he becomes the property of a powerful yet compassionate inmate.  FOR ADULTS ONLY.

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Alien’s Bride: Lisette

New from Yaoimila and Archie the Red Cat!!

Alien’s Bride:  Lisette

Timid enslaved scientist Lisette is drawn to her austere master Prax-Denay, but he’s from an alien subrace considered too loathsome to breed with humans.  She’s instead pressured to marry his superior,…

Maelstrom Compilation!! Limited Time!

Yaoi fans have waited for years to see a compilation set for Maelstrom, Yamila Abraham’s greatest yaoi hit ever!  It’s finally here—BUT ONLY FOR A LITTLE WHILE! Learn why this series is such a big hit below!

Maelstrom Compilation Set

This is…

Bride Games

Bride Games (Alien’s Bride)

Ex-soldier Lenora is determined to escape an alien slave colony no matter what the cost.  Her disobedience angers her male alien overseers, who are trying to breed humans so they can intermarry with them.  Lenora, and willful…

Vanquished Enemy (Medival Gay BDSMErotica)

Vanquished Enemy (Medieval Gay BDSM Erotica)

Enter the perverse underworld of Darkhelm.  The Dragon King Caine’s beloved courtier has been possessed by an evil force that can only be exorcized through sweet bodily torment.

Also included is the story of a half-mortal…

Alien’s Bride Box Set!

Get all three Alien’s Bride Novellas in one Sweet Box Set!!  Read the RIVETING story of Maritza, transported to a future where Earth has been conquered by the most warmongering alien’s in the Universe.  Now the LEADER of the Alien’s wants…

Ten Steps to Kindle Fiction Success (A Successful Ebook Author’s System)

Get Yaoimila’s new ebook explaining how she makes a living writing fiction ebooks! Ten easy steps to follow. They work for her! People have asked for this. Finally available!

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Vanquished Goddess (Medieval Fantasty BDSM Erotica)

Vanquished Goddess (Medieval Fantasy BDSM Erotica)

Lustful half-goddess Sarina gains freedom from her repressive mortal village, only to end up as a plaything to the perverse dragons of the underworld.

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I was seated on a glorious alter covered in…

Vanquished Thief!

Vanquished Thief is available now!!

A waifish mortal thief is caught stealing in Darkhelm’s castle, and is only spared execution because his lovely body can be used for better things.

The Dragon King Caine doubts that such an unskilled mortal thief could…