Incubus Master – Part 1

Incubus Master Cover

Incubus Master Cover

Jinady was forced to be a sex slave to a tribe of winged incubi for a year when he’s rescued by the regal demon Figaru. Figaru brings Jinady to a settlement of mortals. Jinady learns that Figaru is the king of this settlement, and that he’s been looking for a mate.

Figaru’s adoring subjects start to match-make the two. Jinady finds himself falling for the noble demon king. He senses his feelings are being reciprocated.

Then Jinady discovers Figaru’s former love interest Rowan is locked in a dark cabin with a magical ‘blood chain’ connecting his throat to a wall. Several demon allies are rallying to help Rowan, including Scor, the demon Figaru almost beat to death.

Jinady seeks the truth about what happened between Rowan and Figaru, while trying to resist the strong seductive lure of the demon king.

Part 1 of Incubus Master will be available free for adults to download on January 7th. You can get it right now by making a purchase of any amount at

Incubus Master is an erotic ebook written by Yamila Abraham (Winter Demon, Dark Prince) and illustrated by Barbara Apostolico (Cain, Winter Demon).It will be serialized in eight parts over the coming weeks. Each section will have 6,000 to 7,500 words and a color illustration.

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Yaoi Prose ebooks will help fund future Yaoi Press graphic novels. A portion of the money earned on Incubus Master will go toward the creation of Bastard King, the upcoming sequel to the Dark Prince series.

A Smarty Pig account has been set up and linked to our main Twitter account. This will allow public viewing of our progress towards financing the art work for Bastard King.

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