How to set up business processes

When there is an issue of the setup of business processes arisen, the task of a chief is to define what, to begin with, as at the enterprise the number of operations can be more than several hundred or even thousands!

At first, it is necessary to make the division into types of business processes
and to define a level of a maturity of everyone. According to the concept of management, select three units of operational processes:
● administrative (the goals, strategy, the reporting, collection and information analysis, financing concern);
● the mains (the cyclic actions of the organization making profit);
● service (ensure the functioning of the first two).

All processes take place at several maturity stages:


1. Start. The systematicity is absent, monitoring over the execution of basic functions of the organization is provided.

2. Cyclic. The company develops and enters rules, adjusts the course of the main processes.

3. Measuring. Implementation of automation in production operations (happens to start for IT systems).

4. Control. There is a possibility of transformation and modification of separate stages, each of them should possess flexibility.

5. The appearance of the owner of the process. The course of production operations completely corresponds to the general strategy of the company.

Having given all processes of business according to this hierarchy, having raised a level of a maturity of each of them, the company increases the economic level and rises on a new step of development. Having distributed all processes on important and the minor (expensive or cheap), areas which require improving, first of all, are selected. It is not necessary to undertake directly everything, enveloping mass of worker processes of the company. Having selected principal directions and having improved their operation to 4-5 levels of a maturity, the management will increase the economic power of the company from the strategic and operational sides. It would be a good idea to use specified solutions for this purposes

It is also important to develop specified KPI to ensure the system works on the following principles:

1. Interaction is more whole also than the business processes of the company as a whole.
2. Monitoring over the productivity of processes, tracing of the result.
3. High-quality execution of the given processes.