Villa Marina Estate: Residence for Your Relaxation

Villa Marina

Villa Marina is a company that has a unique property complex in one of the most brilliant districts of Marbella (Spain) – Puerto Banus. Located on the beach line, the complex offers excellent sceneries and access to a large number of local sights and entertainment facilities.

About the Villas

Villa Marina took great care of potential guests’ comfort when it was designing the complex. It includes 12 luxury residences large rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. They are spacious enough to house a big family or a group of tourists. Each villa has a lawn, terrace, and pool. The infrastructure makes the complex an ideal place for summer rest. Get more info

Pros of Its Location

Although the complex has the tranquility of a beachfront resort, it is placed in the middle of the city’s ever-boiling life and provides access to the area’s biggest attractions. Also, it offers a vast selection of activities, such as sports and adventure, water parks, animal parks, aquariums, etc.

Residing Options

The area boasts of wonderful weather for around 300 days a year and, therefore, welcomes those who are looking for a long stay. Villa Marina allows guests to rent villas for different periods – from a couple of days to 12 months or more.